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Sir Marmaduke         Phil Bradley

Alexis Pointdextre    Andrew Moore

Dr Daly                      Peter Flint

John W. Wells          Edward Jowle

Lady Sangazure       Judith Hill

Aline Sangazure       Rachel Louisa-Bray

Mrs Partlet                Penny Fairs

Constance Partlet      Julie Currey

Notory/Lawyer          Raymond Hill

The plot of The Sorcerer is about a young man, Alexis, who is obsessed with idea of love levelling all ranks and social distinctions. To promote his beliefs, he invites the proprietor of J. W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers, to brew a love potion. This causes everyone in the village to fall in love with the first person they see and results in the pairing of comically mismatched couples. In the end, Wells must sacrifice his life to break the spell.

Director - Nic Wilson

Musical Director - Andrew Marples