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© 2009 Chesterfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society

© 2009 Chesterfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Director - Stephen Godward


Jack Point             Robert Spencer

Wilfred Shadbolt    Phil Aldred

Colonel Fairfax      Andrew Lockwood

Lieutenant             Max Taylor

Sergeant Meryll     Simon Copley

Leonard Meryll      Nathan Blood

Elsie Maynard       Rachael-Louisa Bray

Phoebe Meryll       Julie Currey

Dame Carruthers   Judith Hill

Kate                      Lizzy Blades

Headsman             Glyn Hepworth

First Yeoman         Peter Smith

Second Yeoman    Raymond Hill

The Yeomen of the Guard tells the story of two strolling players, a Jester, Jack Point and his maid, Elsie Maynard, who arrive at the Tower of London on the day that prisoner, Colonel Fairfax, is to be executed on a false charge of treason. Point and Elsie are persuaded to accept an offer of money from the Colonel just before his execution, a decision which changes all their lives forever.

Yeomen also features four other central characters. Phoebe Meryll is besotted with Fairfax and distraught at the prospect of his impending execution. Together with her father, Sergeant Meryll, they hatch a plot to free the Colonel, using her feminine guiles to involve the Head Jailer, Wilfred Shadbolt, as an unwitting accomplice. When the redoubtable housekeeper to the Tower, Dame Carruthers, gets wind of the plot, she uses this knowledge to her own advantage with Sergeant Meryll.

Musical Director - Andrew Marples